DAVID CHAPLIN: KiwiSaver at 13 – unlucky for some

David Chaplin
Wed, 30 Sep 2020

Michael Cullen introduced KiwiSaver in 20017
David Chaplin
Wed, 30 Sep 2020
Despite arriving at the onset of the global financial crisis, the KiwiSaver regime had a happy beginning in 2007.With the full surge of membership growth yet to hit and account balances low, any GFC-related losses barely registered among the public.By the time the GFC allegedly blew over in 2009, the rapidly growing KiwiSaver population - now above 3 million - was poised to ride the almost uninterrupted wave of positive market returns to all-time highs.It hasn’t been non-stop fun, of course.KiwiSaver has been dogged by procedural issues,...

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