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On the Money

On the Money: how to lose $200m in minutes, Simon Botherway, Peter Jackson, and more

Rebecca Stevenson
Sat, 13 Nov 2021

On the Money: how to lose $200m in minutes, Simon Botherway, Peter Jackson, and more
One name to rule them all, Peter? (Image: Getty)
Rebecca Stevenson
Sat, 13 Nov 2021
Welcome to On the Money, our column about money, and the people making it.No chance of petering outThe 2020s certainly seem to be a good time to be in business if your name is Peter.  Just this week we got to peek under the covers of Peter Jackson’s film empire when Weta Digital – which he owns the bulk of – hocked off its tech unit for a cool US$1.63 billion (NZ$2.32b), mostly in cash. Some estimates have put Jackson’s wealth around $700 million, but the number’s probably considerably higher given Weta obviou...

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Building supplies group Bunnings had a good year, with net income more than doubling on the strength of a resurgent construction and DIY market.

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To met the government's ambitious net carbon zero target, New Zealanders need to reduce their reliance on cars.

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