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Salters Cartage owner cries poor while nobbling rivals. By Victoria Young

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PETER GRIFFIN: In search of the digital dashboard for my life

Peter Griffin
Thu, 08 Oct 2020

Peter Griffin
Thu, 08 Oct 2020
Back in the early 2000s, changing mobile phone provider meant leaving your phone number behind and being assigned another one with your new operator.That was a major hassle, the major factor in people deciding to stick with their existing provider, even if it was too expensive and had terrible mobile coverage. Then came number portability in 2007. It meant no matter whether you had an 021, 022, 027 or 029 prefixed number, you could take it with you to a rival phone company.It was a small thing, but it had major consequences. 2Degrees, which lau...

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Where can you put your money at present?
Brian Gaynor | Sat, 28 Nov 2020

In a low interest rate environment and with residential property running hot, where does today's investor look for other sources of blue sky?

Holiday shoppers should be buying less, not more
Jehan Casinader | Sat, 28 Nov 2020

Rampant consumerism is a think of the past right?

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Air NZ adds brand-new destination – Guangzhou
Pattrick Smellie | Fri, 27 Nov 2020

The national carrier secured government subsidies for at least 55 weekly international cargo flights between December and the end of March in an extension of the lifeline for NZ fresh produce exporters.

CFDs: An alternative to traditional stockmarket investing

One of the unusual side-effects of the financial crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic has been the explosion in online investment trading.

Information governance in the age of data: Where to from here?

As data increasingly drives industry, commerce and public security, it has become obvious that organisations need to lift their game, particularly in the area of information governance.