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Smartpay Holdings Limtied

SmartPay Holdings Limited is an innovative merchant services company providing merchants with the opportunity to better market themselves, increase revenue or save costs.

SmartPay delivers a range of managed merchant services allowing merchants to deal with one organization but realize many benefits.

The SmartPay offer to merchants uses the latest technology to bring them a range of services that is unmatched by any other single company.

Title Date Type
Director Announcements Wed, May 18 2022 09:47 am ADMIN
Substantial Shareholder Notice Fri, May 06 2022 08:30 am SHINTR
Trading Update Thu, Apr 21 2022 08:30 am MKTUPDTE
CFO Appointment Mon, Apr 11 2022 11:17 am ADMIN
Correction to Substantial Security Holder Notice Thu, Mar 24 2022 09:55 am SHINTR
Substantial Shareholder Notice Wed, Mar 23 2022 04:47 pm SHINTR
Substantial Shareholder Notice Wed, Mar 23 2022 03:21 pm SHINTR
Trading Update Thu, Jan 20 2022 08:30 am MKTUPDTE
Substantial Shareholder Notice Wed, Jan 05 2022 08:30 am SHINTR
Issue of Share Performance Rights to Key Management Tue, Dec 21 2021 04:49 pm SECISSUE
Directors and Executives
Greg Barclay
Independent Director
Carlos Gil
Non-Executive Director
Marty Pomeroy
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
Bill Pulver
Independent Non-Executive Director
Matthew Turnbull
Independent Director
Company Details
Registered Office: 205 Wairau Road, Glenfield, Auckland 0627
Postal Address: PO Box 100490, North Shore Mail Centre, Auckland 0745
Telephone: n/a
Facsimile: +6494142183
First Listed: 12/03/1987
Balance Date: 31 March
AGM: 29/09/2021
Major Holdings Announcements
Date Name No. Held % Current
23/03/22 Anacacia Pty Limited 15,408,508 4.68 6.47
21/10/21 Jencay Capital Pty Ltd 11,832,861 6.11 4.97
08/06/21 Milford Asset Management Limited 29,533,558 11.08 12.72
29/12/20 Microequities Asset Management Pty 34,609,979 16.76 14.91
29/07/20 Regal Funds Management Pty Ltd 10,128,452 5.87 4.84
16/06/17 TBF Investment Management Pty Limit 6,227,569 5.09 3.63
22/06/16 Riverhorse Trustee Limited 4,100,000 5.45 2.39
Director’s Interests Announcements
Date Name No. Held % Details Other
17/08/21 William Robert Pulver 4,253,830 - - -
21/12/20 Carlos Gil 34,609,979 - - -
01/12/16 Bradley Gerdis 6,515,422 3.79 - -
05/08/16 Marty Pomeroy 3,399,053 1.98 - -
Analysts’ Forecasts
No forecasts available
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Last Updated: 01/04/2022
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