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We understand the subscription fatigue some organisations are now facing, particularly in this very strange year.

But we believe BusinessDesk consistently produces New Zealand's best business and political journalism, analysis and commentary. And we believe in charging a fair rate for our journalism.

Until the end of the year, we're offering to cap the price of new subscriptions at $8000 per annum (plus GST) and give you your first two months for free.

It doesn't matter how many staff you have — you will not pay more than $8000 annually, and we will cap your subscription increases at 5% annually for the next decade.

The free trial allows you to get those rusted-on readers to experience New Zealand's international-quality business news service. We'll even look to extend the free period if you are waiting for another subscription to end. 

Our standard rate for 50 users is $5000. At $1.92 a week per user, we think this is exceptional value. 

But now we're saying it doesn't matter if you have 100 users or 21,400 users ("Hi, Fonterra"), our price is capped at $8000 for new corporate subscriptions.

Users can sign in on up to three devices and we'll never have IP address blocking. 

As a corporate subscriber, you can share our articles internally, including posting on your intranet.

We're offering consistently better journalism and consistent pricing.

How it works

  1. Contact Matt Martel to get set up. It is quick and efficient — and just requires you to send one (pre-written) email to your colleagues.

  2. Your co-workers then click a special link and add themselves to your account.

  3. Whenever they visit BusinessDesk, they'll see your brand on the homepage and article pages, and we even provide a space on your team owner dashboard to post messages to all users.

What you get

A BusinessDesk subscription gives you access to news and commentary you won't find elsewhere.

At a time when others would rather write about the Kardashians, or syndicate content from overseas tabloids, we are proudly all about serious journalism.

A BusinessDesk subscription is your investment in staying informed, and getting ahead. Each day we write about people, businesses, politics and more. 

Our team

Pattrick Smellie, editor and CEO
Paul McBeth, news editor
Rebecca Stevenson, news editor
Jacqui Loates-Haver, The Life editor
Victoria Young, legal affairs reporter and On the Money columnist
Jenny Ruth, senior reporter
Rebecca Howard, senior reporter
Brent Melville, senior reporter
Gavin Evans, senior reporter
Andy Fyers, data journalist
Dan Brunskill, markets reporter

Our columnists

Brian Gaynor is the non-executive chairman of Content Ltd, the company which owns BusinessDesk. Brian co-founded Milford Asset Management and was a longterm economic commentator the the NZ Herald, before moving exclusively to BusinessDesk. He writes a column each Saturday morning, and an occasional mid-week one.

BusinessDesk’s columnist line up:

  • Jane Clifton, Friday: politics
  • Brian Gaynor, Saturday: business and businesspeople
  • Jehan Casinader, Saturday: social issues and politics
  • Victoria Young, Saturday: money and the people making it. 
  • Peter Griffin, Thursday: Tech and startups
  • David Chaplin, Wednesday: investment industry
  • Pattrick Smellie: politics and business

The Life

Edited by former Kia Ora editor Jacqui Loates-Haver, The Life is full of great weekend reads from Bob Campbell MW (wine), Sally-Ann Mullin (fashion and style), Matt Martel (motoring), Simon Farrell-Green (restaurants), Jean Teng (after hours), Bani McSpedden (watches), Juliet Harbutt (cheese) and Lauren Buckeridge (beauty). Plus, features from many of New Zealand's best-known writers.

Our journalism

We are old school. Our journalists are not churning press releases — we are finding our own stories and reporting them thoroughly. You will read news and analysis on BusinessDesk you won't see elsewhere. 

See editor Pattrick Smellie discussing our brand of quality news with Kiwi Original host Ryan Jennings here:

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