SIXT allows Kiwis to drive in style without the hassles associated with owning a car.

Now it is providing the same offer to companies with the introduction of SIXT Business.

The Giltrap Group-backed 'new mobility' company, is enhancing its adaptable car subscription service to cater for businesses wanting vehicles for a day or as long as a year.

Focusing on flexibility SIXT Business offers business travel through its rental service as well as company vehicle alternatives through its subscription and fleet management services. Their clever alternatives to traditional company fleets also have a heavy focus on luxury and EV options.

The SIXT business subscription services get staff into premium European vehicles without the capital outlay of a traditional purchase. Due to the all-inclusive nature of subscription SIXT says this will reduce mobility costs by up to 20%.


With the covid-19 pandemic affecting businesses large and small, SIXT's one day to one-year solutions allow companies to stay mobile yet manage fluctuating demands while minimising risk.

"SIXT is here to support New Zealand businesses manage the gig economy and their quest for carbon neutrality," says Dane Fisher, the CEO of SIXT New Zealand. "We are always pushing the mobility agenda forward with innovative new developments for kiwi consumers, businesses and cities."

From mobility for business travels with SIXT Rent to mobility for business fleets with SIXT Subscribe and SIXT Fleet Management, SIXT Business offers smart solutions that are all-inclusive and hassle free, giving drivers the ultimate freedom on their professional urban journeys.

Fleet Management

SIXT has appointed leader Bryn McGoldrick as national business development manager to oversee the development of corporate travel and subscription solutions. McGoldrick says SIXT is "on a mission to re-invent corporate mobility, be it travel or replacement vehicles with an unmatchable offer that really takes care of business".

SIXT Fleet Management provides companies and employees with the most flexible way to keep them mobile with benefits for fleet managers and decision-makers such as maximum flexibility, full cost control and reduced workload.

Utilising the latest technology means SIXT provides outstanding and reliable customer service to their clients. SIXT's travel managers will have access to SIXT Business Hub, a central information platform to simplify communication with their clients as they travel. Fleet management telematics and software supports SIXT businesses with company car replacement and fleet management.

Luxury Range

With the market's largest premium and luxury fleet, SIXT Business boasts an impressive range of cars for pure driving pleasure.

Partnering with New Zealand's foremost automotive business, The Giltrap Group brings over 50 years of experience and reach to SIXT. The huge range and availability of Giltrap cars, with access to high-end models not usually associated with car hire, bring a fleet of luxury options to suit all businesses.

The range is comprehensive and diverse and includes the Volkswagen Group stable, Jaguar and Land Rover, and Mercedes Benz giving far more choice than a traditional rental service.

E.V Fleet

To support the ongoing electrification of business fleets, SIXT offers leading EV brands to allow Kiwi businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and help them transition in their journey towards sustainability.

35%+ of SIXT's fleet is set to be electric by 2025, putting it ahead of the curve. With an increasing number of electric vehicle charging stations available around the country, selecting an EV option with SIXT Business can also help businesses cut fuel costs.

SIXT's exclusive EV relationship with Audi through its e tron range and newcomer Polestar provides corporates a unique opportunity to experience a premium EV fleet.

Leading the industry in luxury and electric solutions for business mobility, SIXT Business is actively steering the future of corporate transport in New Zealand.

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SIXT is an internationally renowned car rental company offering mobility services in over 2,200 locations across 105 countries worldwide. Founded in 1912, SIXT has brought the past century of experience and knowledge into everything they do today.