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The latest from Reporter Jem Traylen

Jem has previously worked in tertiary education and government policymaking. She has a masters in economics from the University of Canterbury and is currently completing a postgraduate diploma in journalism at Massey Wellington. You can follow her on Twitter @jemtraylen or connect with her on LinkedIn here. 

A browner, more female public service
Jem Traylen | Fri, 26 Nov 2021

The women who've made it to the top of the public service may need to hold the door open for others.

Residency applicants to get fees credited
Jem Traylen | Mon, 04 Oct 2021

The first round of applications will open in December.

Antipodes sues Chinese distributor
Jem Traylen | Fri, 16 Jul 2021

Antipodes is suing a Hong Kong company for failing to reach or exceed sales targets and for selling its products at a significantly discounted rate.