Dean Peterson
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Dean Peterson

Museum of New Zealand / Te Papa Tongarewa

Director, collections and research

  • Joined Te Papa 2016.
  • Previously with Antarctica NZ and National Technology Networks. Managed the Marsden Fund (NZ government fundamental research fund), the James Cook Fellowships, and the Rutherford Discovery Fellowships.
  • Graduate of Michigan State University (PhD physical chemistry), 10 years’ atmospheric research at Jet Propulsion Laboratory before appointment to NASA Headquarters as co-programme manager for the Upper Atmosphere Research Program (UARP).


Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Research Scientist
Jan 1987 - Dec 1997
Antarctica New Zealand
Manager of Science and Information
Jun 1998 - Jun 2008
Royal Society of New Zealand
Senior Manager Research Funding
Jun 2008 - May 2014
Callaghan Innovation
Group Manager - National Technology Networks
Jun 2014 - May 2016
Museum of New Zealand / Te Papa Tongarewa
Director, Collections and Research, Director Strategy and Performance, Head of Science
Jun 2016 - Present

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