Kathryn Mitchell
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Kathryn Mitchell

Crown Infrastructure Partners

Chief legal and risk officer

  • Appointed November 2010.
  • As chief legal and risk officer, Kathryn is responsible for corporate governance, legal, insurance, risk and regulatory compliance, and is company secretary.
  • Previously general counsel and corporate risk officer at Transfield Services, and had legal and tax management roles with Siemens NZ.
  • Extensive in-house legal experience in multiple industries.
  • Holds an LLB and a Bachelor of social sciences from Waikato University, and is a chartered company secretary.


Assistant Tax Manager
Feb 1999 - May 2002
Tax Manager & Sole Legal Counsel
Jun 2002 - Sep 2006
Transfield Services
General Counsel & Corporate Risk Officer
Oct 2006 - Sep 2010
Crown Infrastructure Partners
Chief Legal and Risk Officer
Nov 2010 - Present

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