Philip Lim
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Philip Lim

Environmental Protection Authority / Te Mana Rauhī

General manager, finance and systems

  • Appointed April 2017.
  • Previously a senior manager with KPMG, also acting as chief financial officer at NZX and AMP Capital Investors for extended periods.
  • Earlier held senior finance roles in large and listed agricultural and financial services including PGG Wrightson, Fonterra and Prudential Assurance.
  • A registered chartered accountant and mentor with Chartered Accountants Australia and NZ.
  • Holds a BCA from Victoria University.


PGG Wrightson Ltd
Group Financial Controller
Mar 2005 - Mar 2006
Senior Manager, Accounting Advisory Services
Mar 2006 - Oct 2017
AMP Capital
Acting Chief Financial Officer
Jan 2010 - Jun 2011
Acting Chief Financial Officer
Jun 2012 - Dec 2012
Environmental Protection Authority / Te Mana Rauhī
General Manager, Finance & Systems
Apr 2017 - Present

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