One of the most notable outcomes of the covid-19 crisis has been an exponential growth in the use of data analytics to inform decision-making. An obvious example is our Prime Minister’s readiness to be guided by scientific data when making decisions about our response to the pandemic – and the government’s resulting success in containing the virus much more effectively than many other countries.

“All the most valuable businesses in the world are built around data.” - Carmen Vicelich, Founder and Chair of Data Insight

In contrast, New Zealand businesses are still in the process of building their data analysis capabilities, and struggle to find skilled business analysts to manage the process.

The University of Auckland’s new Master of Business Analytics programme, available from Quarter 2 2021, is designed to fill this skills gap, and thereby meet the growing needs of industry and commerce. The programme is unique in New Zealand for its interdisciplinary delivery and emphasis on practical, real world learning.

Part 1 combines courses on using data to formulate business strategy, and the analytics required to inform decision-making. Part 2 allows students to specialise in either Marketing or Supply Chain Management. Part 3 consists of an applied industry project that can be undertaken in the student’s workplace, if they are currently employed, or with a team of fellow students if they are not yet in the workforce. Throughout their studies, students will also gain valuable ‘soft’ skills such as consultancy practice, communication, and project management.

There is already a lot of interest in this new programme, which can be studied part-time while continuing to work, or full-time for recent graduates looking to enhance their employability.

With the inexorable digitisation of global trade and industry, data analysis is now imperative for business decision-making in online start-ups and brick-and-mortar companies everywhere. Upskill yourself with a Master of Business Analytics degree, and you will be able to work anywhere.

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