No one needs convincing that having a car is convenient, but now there’s a more flexible way for Kiwis to drive the car they want for as long as they need it. 

Owning a car is a hassle people deal with to reap the obvious benefits, but personal and convenient transportation comes with the stresses and costs of maintenance, insurance, and depreciation. 

The November launch of SIXT in New Zealand changes that with its adaptable and modern car subscription service alongside a classic short-term rental option.

NZ’s foremost automotive business The Giltrap Group is partnering with SIXT in NZ, bringing over 50 years of experience and reach to the new service. It means SIXT has a huge range and availability of cars ready to go, with access to high-end models not usually associated with car hiring thanks to Giltrap’s extensive luxury fleet. 

The range boasts compacts, sedans, SUVs, and ultra-premium cars, giving far more choice than a traditional rental service. 

Yet SIXT still offers a traditional rental service for any of these vehicles with Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, and Queenstown areas able to cater to thousands of customers. 

The Range Rover VelarThe Range Rover Velar


Available first in Auckland and coming to the rest of the country in January 2021, 6-, 9- and 12-month subscription plans make it easy to rent a car long-term without the admin commitments. The new mobility service proves you don’t have to buy the car you want in order to drive it for months on end.

Easy pick up and home delivery options are available for whichever carefree subscription plan suits your needs and budget. SIXT’s vehicle options are as flexible as the subscriptions themselves, ranging from the humble hatchback to a luxurious limousine and everything in between. 

It’s easy to settle into a subscription that feels like you’re getting a new car, with only a month’s initial upfront payment needed to get on the road. 

EV made easy

NZ aims to be carbon neutral by 2050, and 25 percent of SIXT’s fleet is set to be electric by 2025, putting it ahead of the curve. You can try an EV from just $79 a day to see how it drives and take advantage of the growing number of charging stations throughout the country. 

Audi’s e-tron 55 Sportback is a smart place to start. It can run over 400 kilometres on a single charge, and unlike some EVs its city-ready coupe design doesn’t give away the electric innards. 

NZ can’t get to carbon neutral if people don’t drive the wide range of EVs available, but with SIXT rental locations throughout the country, New Zealanders finally have access to them on a classic rental basis as well as through the new subscription model. Discovering an EV right for your lifestyle has never been easier.

If you’re keener on a country getaway given that covid is keeping Kiwis on home soil this summer, then the Land Rover Velar is a go-to treat yourself option. SIXT makes it accessible for however many weeks or months you want it for, bringing the luxury of an all-wheel drive family car to more people. 

Covid hasn’t only changed where Kiwis can drive. It has also changed their spending habits and attitudes to money. SIXT’s subscription model and access to Giltrap’s fleet offers a genuine long-term alternative to car ownership for those who need a car but simply don’t need the stress of buying and maintaining one. 

Visit to view the rental and subscription offerings.

SIXT is one of the world’s leading and most innovative premium providers of mobility services. The Giltrap Group has joined forces with SIXT to launch the brand in New Zealand and bring Kiwis the first ‘new mobility’ service of its kind.