Around the world, established business managers are having to rethink their strategies for success, reshaping their businesses in order to survive the covid-19 crisis and resulting recession. For new and recent graduates also, the post-covid environment will inevitably see an increasingly tight job market. Candidates who have the knowledge and skills to manage strategy, data and communications in an agile fashion will undoubtedly have a competitive advantage.

The University of Auckland’s new Master of Business Management programme (MBM) is designed to help students develop advanced knowledge, skills and understanding in business management and marketing, to enhance employability and career progression in this world of uncertainty and disruption. It is a flexible and practical programme, with full-time and part-time options and evening classes to suit working professionals.

The programme offers two specialisations – Digital Marketing (to upskill in the understanding and deployment of digital marketing tools) and Strategic Management (to enhance management-level career prospects).

The Digital Marketing specialisation aims to provide a toolkit for graduates to deploy in an increasingly digitally connected business world. For marketing graduates, this toolkit includes business marketing strategies, data analysis and communications. Graduates with these skillsets are already in high demand, as businesses everywhere struggle to create digital marketing strategies that can overcome the hurdles presented by the current environment.

The Strategic Marketing specialisation focuses on the development of strategic frameworks, processes and practices in an ever-changing global business environment. Students will examine diverse ways to find solutions for an organisation’s strategic challenges. They also will evaluate contemporary practice by exploring human resource management, innovation, business analytics, strategic management, global management and consultancy practice.

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