1. What female saint was executed for dressing as a male?
  2. Two films from 1965 are among the 10 highest-grossing movies of all time: Doctor Zhivago and which other?
  3. Which country won the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest?
  4. Which New Zealand region has had the lowest uptake of electric vehicles: Southland, the West Coast or Taranaki?
  5. Sir George Ivan Morrison is better known by what name?
  6. Which 20th-century British prime minister was rarely photographed without his pipe?
  7. Who is the major figure in John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost?
  8. What appropriately titled song provided American band the Cars with their biggest hit?
  9. In Italian, he’s known as San Giovanni. By what name is he known in English?
  10. Nelly Korda, Jordan Spieth and Dustin Johnson are leading figures in what sport?


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ANSWERS: 1. Joan of Arc; 2. The Sound of Music; 3. Ukraine; 4. The West Coast; 5. Van Morrison; 6. Harold Wilson; 7. Satan; 8. Drive; 9. St John; 10. Golf.