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BusinessDesk is dedicated to becoming your preferred supplier of business and economic news.

Our group and corporate subscriptions work with email addresses – no IP address malarkey, or upsells to access your subscription at home. Each reader can use up to three devices wherever they get internet – work, home, commuting or the golf course.

We make it really easy to sign up and get all of your team on board.

You get:

  • An informed staff who can read the latest business news.
  • A research tool — we think our advanced search capabilities are amongst the best of any news publication.
  • Instant news alerts. Receive news stories in your inbox at the same time they hit our homepage. Be the first to tell your clients they’re in the news.
  • An easy management dashboard and ‘magic link’ to share with your colleagues that makes joining a 30-second job.

Each weekday we publish 10-20 news stories, covering breaking business and political news, the NZX, regulation, infrastructure and more. 

Our award-winning writing team includes Pattrick Smellie, Brian Gaynor, tech columnist Peter Griffin, Paul McBeth, Rebecca Howard, Jenny Ruth, Gavin Evans, Victoria Young and Brent Melville.

Subscription revenue allows us to further our journalistic mission — covering how New Zealand works.

Journalism is expensive. Your subscription helps us to continue doing our job.

Group subscription pricing

Team of up to 10$2000$166
Team of up to 20$2500$208
Team of up to 50$5000$417

For more information or larger teams, contact Matt Martel by email or phone on 0800 00 22 96.

The more people you subscribe, the cheaper it gets. At $5000 a year for 50 users, it costs just $8.33 per person each month.

How it works

Subscribe online here or contact Matt for an invoice.

We'll assign the team leader function to your account and you can add users in two ways:

Add email addresses in your member dashboard. The user then gets an invite to join. (You can also use this to see who has signed up and to delete users.)

We send you a 'magic link'. Send this to your colleagues, post it on your intranet, text it to your boss. When users click it they are taken to a page and asked for basic information then assigned to your team.

We also provide a template email to make it easy.

But don't share logins or forward emails. We are a small company and we take a very dim view of this. We have systems for monitoring unusual behaviour and we enforce our rights. BusinessDesk subscriptions are not particularly expensive — make sure you have an account for each user and do not excessively send our News Alert emails to other people. 

Individual subscriptions cannot be registered to generic addresses, such as