And our manifesto

Intelligent, trusted news sources are more valuable than ever. At BusinessDesk, we publish essential, trustworthy and timely New Zealand business and economic news and analysis that is accessible to professional and general readers alike. 

Beyond quality journalism, we are keen to promote good government and good governance, and the sound and ethical decision-making that underpins both. 

Our experienced and professional team are committed not only to accuracy and fairness, but also to deliver depth and insight that justifies the faith our readers place in us when subscribing to the BusinessDesk news service.

How often do you publish news stories? The number of stories published varies from day to day, but typically we publish between 12 and 20 original stories a day. 

Who is behind BusinessDesk? BusinessDesk is owned by NZME, which also publishes the NZ Herald and many other publications, NZME purchased BusinessDesk from its staff shareholders in January, 2022. Our whole newsroom made the move to NZME ownership.  

Can I use your stories and send them to my colleagues or clients? We allow you to send stories to people with a BusinessDesk subscription. That means if you are a corporate subscriber, you can send our stories to anyone inside your organisation. If you want to email, republish or print our articles, you need a licence. We have systems in place to monitor this. To request a licence to use our content, please email [email protected]

Can I share my login with a friend or colleague? No. We're a small company working really hard to grow. If your friend or colleague needs to read our news stories, ask them to take a subscription. We monitor multiple logins from the same user. 

How does the charging system work? Use your credit card to purchase individual subscriptions. Every individual subscriber also receives a 10-day free trial. For groups of up to 50 people, you can purchase online with a credit card, or contact us to receive an invoice. Corporate subscriptions are managed by Matt Martel.

We're a big organisation and we want more than one subscription. Do we get a discount? Yes. If you have fewer than 50 staff, please see pricing at https://businessdesk.co.nz/register. If your company is bigger or you'd like an invoice, then email Matt Martel  ([email protected]).

We have a corporate subscription. How do I get in? If you can't find the right person at your company or agency, please email us at [email protected] and we'll let you know. Subscribing companies can access a dashboard to add or delete users. They are also given a 'magic link' to send to staff, which adds them automatically. 

I'm getting too many emails. Please stop. Find instructions to manage your email via keywords here

Does BusinessDesk like feedback? Yes. Email [email protected]

I'm getting sent stories I don't really want. Is there a way to filter my email alerts? You can filter the emails you receive based on keywords, such as a company, your boss's name or anything else.  You can change and amend your keyword settings as often as you like to improve your tailored news feed. You can do that here: https://businessdesk.co.nz/settings 

You have published an error. Who do I call? Pattrick Smellie, Editor: 021 588 203, Email: [email protected]  We take accuracy seriously and will endeavour to respond quickly. 

I have a press statement for you. What is the best email address? Send it to [email protected]. This is a general newsroom email address that will ensure it is seen by the news team. We recommend that PR firms sending unsolicited emails use this address if they wish to achieve impact. Unsolicited pitch calls to individual reporters on stories of marginal news value are discouraged.

Where are your offices?

Wellington: Pacific Radiology House, Level 10, 142 Lambton Quay, Wellington, 6011
Auckland: The General Building, Level 7, 29 Shortland St, Auckland 1052

Contact details for staff are on our About page.