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Our team

Pattrick Smellie, editor and CEO
Paul McBeth, South Island correspondent
Rebecca Stevenson, head of news
Jacqui Loates-Haver, The Life editor
Victoria Young, legal affairs reporter and On the Money columnist
Jenny Ruth, senior reporter
Rebecca Howard, senior reporter
Brent Melville, senior reporter
Jacques Steenkamp, homepage editor


Andy Fyers, data journalist
Dan Brunskill, markets reporter
Henry Burrell, technology reporter

Our columnists

Brian Gaynor is the non-executive chairman of Content Ltd, the company which owns BusinessDesk. Brian co-founded Milford Asset Management and was a long-term economic commentator for the NZ Herald, before moving exclusively to BusinessDesk. He writes a column each Saturday morning, and an occasional mid-week one.

BusinessDesk’s columnist line up:

  • Brian Gaynor, Saturday: business and businesspeople
  • Jehan Casinader, Saturday: social issues and politics
  • Victoria Young, Saturday: money and the people making it. 
  • Peter Griffin, Thursday: Tech and startups
  • David Chaplin, Wednesday: investment industry
  • Pattrick Smellie: politics and business

The Life

Get great weekend reads from Bob Campbell MW (wine), Sally-Ann Mullin (fashion and style), Matt Martel (motoring), Simon Farrell-Green (restaurants), Jean Teng (after hours), Bani McSpedden (watches), Juliet Harbutt (cheese) and Lauren Buckeridge (beauty). Plus, features from many of New Zealand's best-known writers.

Our journalism

We are old school. Our journalists are not churning press releases — we are finding our own stories and reporting them thoroughly. You will read news and analysis on BusinessDesk you won't see elsewhere. 

See editor Pattrick Smellie discussing our brand of quality news with Kiwi Original host Ryan Jennings here:

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More than half of New Zealand’s journalism jobs have disappeared in the past decade. We believe New Zealand needs strong business and political journalism to keep investors and the broader public informed. Your BusinessDesk subscription helps us maintain and grow our newsroom.

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