BusinessDesk is now carrying news and opinion articles from The Australian Financial Review, amongst a raft of changes and improvements.

For more than 65 years The Australian Financial Review has been the authority on business, finance and investment news in Australia. It has a reputation for independent, award-winning journalism and is essential reading for Australia's business and investor community.

Its Street Talk column often breaks news of large NZ companies dealing with Australian banks and consultants on capital raisings, purchases and sales.

The AFR is the first of several international news sources we plan on adding to the site over the next few months to round out our comprehensive New Zealand coverage.

Android app

We’ve released the first version of our app for Android phones and tablets. It is available here. This means we now have an app for both flavours of phone. The popular Apple app can be found here.

Business advice

Next week, we’ll launch a new section from the homepage – Business Advice. Our aim is to offer actionable insights for SME owners and managers for businesses of any size. 

Edited by Jacqui Loates-Haver, Business Advice will offer words of wisdom from experienced professionals who’ve “been there and done that”. As we grow the section, it will become a central repository for how-to content.

And, we’re hiring

We’ve grown our team from six to nearly 20, but we’re still looking for additional reporters, and staff to help us super-charge our subscription sales. Since launch in February 2020 we’ve gained more than 13,000 paying subscribers, and about 100,000 people a month visit the site. If you are interested, get in contact with Bex Stevenson for editorial ( and Matt Martel for commercial (