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What keeps lawyers awake at night

Michael Andrew
Fri, 07 Jan 2022

What keeps lawyers awake at night
Climate change will occupy NZ's legal minds this year. (Image: Getty)
Michael Andrew
Fri, 07 Jan 2022
Questions about the reach of covid mandates boggled legal minds in 2021, but the coming year is likely to have a slightly greener hue as the government turns its attention to climate change and how to reduce the nation’s emissions.Chapman Tripp partner Alana Lampitt, who specialises in environmental planning and resource management law, said the government’s commitments at COP26 in Glasgow last year show a clear direction of travel for an ambitious reduction programme.“While this is an international commitment, it puts more he...

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Markets market close
NZ shares routed as ANZ forecasts OCR to hit 3%
Dan Brunskill | Wed, 19 Jan 2022

Just seven of the top 50 stocks gained today as traders and economists predict central banks will have to make radical moves to slay the "inflation dragon". 

Coronavirus FREE
End of MIQ beckons as govt mulls how to manage omicron
Pattrick Smellie | Wed, 19 Jan 2022

The government is tossing up whether a fast or a managed 'peak' in the inevitable omicron outbreak is preferable, and the best timing to allow omicron to become established. 

Immigration will be a tricky balancing act
Jem Traylen | Wed, 19 Jan 2022

The government's immigration reforms will come under intense pressure from labour shortages, and the need to keep covid at bay.

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