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$25.2m fillip for Alliance shareholders

Staff reporters
Mon, 22 Nov 2021

Surveyor: more difficult trading ahead. (Image: supplied)
Surveyor: more difficult trading ahead. (Image: supplied)
Staff reporters
Mon, 22 Nov 2021
Alliance Group's 4,000 farmer shareholders will share an $8.5 million profit distribution this year, added to $16.7m in loyalty payments already paid out.The payments reflect a significantly better performance for the Southland-based meat co-operative and the country's largest exporter of sheep products for the year to Sept 30, with pre-distribution profits at $32.3m, up more than four-fold on the $7m posted for the prior year.While revenues remained largely unchanged at $1.8 billion, equity accounted earnings chipped in $8.9m, mainly r...

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Statutory reform can deliver momentum to land transport decarbonisation

To met the government's ambitious net carbon zero target, New Zealanders need to reduce their reliance on cars.

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