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Is NZ thinking too small about Australia?

Pattrick Smellie
Mon, 04 Jul 2022

Is NZ thinking too small about Australia?
Jacinda Ardern and Anthony Albanese meet again this week in Sydney, their third meeting in less than a month. (Image: Getty)
Pattrick Smellie
Mon, 04 Jul 2022
Every foreign visit a prime minister makes is important.Jacinda Ardern heads from Europe straight to Australia this week on a trade mission, for the first meeting of the Australia-New Zealand Leadership Forum and the first official face-to-face Australia-NZ political leaders summit since before covid-19 closed borders in 2020.But after a week spent rubbing shoulders with the leaders of Europe and the NATO military alliance, there’s no escaping the sense that a week in Australia might feel like a bit of a come-down.It shouldn't.NZ&rsqu...

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