Synlait Milk is “deeply concerned” about views being spouted online by an alleged "white supremacist" in its employ, and is conducting an investigation.

The comments came after a petition from Justice Aotearoa calling on Synlait to “review his contract, in reflection of their espoused values, and make it clear that they give nothing to racism, most especially a paycheque”. The petition now has more than 3,700 supporters.

In videos posted on his YouTube channel, Lee Williams, believed to be a UK immigrant to New Zealand, calls George Floyd, a black American killed by police officers that sparked nationwide riots last year, “the complete waste of space in reality”, while he mocks others such as prime minister Jacinda Ardern, Boris Johnson and Rawiri Waititi.

In some of the videos Williams appears to be wearing a work uniform.

“Synlait takes these matters very seriously,” a spokesperson told BusinessDesk.

“We are deeply concerned that someone has these views. Lee Williams’ views are his own. These views are not shared or held by Synlait,” the spokesperson said.

The petition said Williams had been responsible for disseminating extreme white supremacist material.

Meanwhile, Williams, recently posted that “HR wants to see me today to discuss me bringing their reputation into dispute”.

Williams said in a post on social media that NZ is a “brave new world where having an opinion contrary to the orthodox is ruinous”.

On his Facebook page, his bio described him as "just outside Christchurch and am of the right. By that I mean I'm a nationalist and patriot".

BusinessDesk approached Williams for comment but he was not immediately available.

The petition organisers have been circulating Synlait’s contact details and encouraging people to contact the company to complain, and publicising its major clients.

In another video, uploaded on Friday afternoon, Williams claimed he has been suspended from Synlait pending an investigation. However, this could not be confirmed.

Williams did however claim he never said anything racist and implied that he will be returning to the UK for a visit, "as early as next week".