BusinessDesk is expanding the channels for our journalism with this morning’s launch of the BusinessDesk Today news podcast, and a special broadcast to mark international women’s day on Wednesday.

BusinessDesk Today is live at 5.30am each weekday with a 10-minute overview of the news you need to get your day started.

It will be hosted by our journalists, including Frances Cook, Rebecca Howard and Ben Moore. Readers will know their names, but Cook is investments editor and host of the top-rating Cooking the Books podcast, Howard is a senior journalist who has worked for AP, Dow Jones, Reuters and The Wall St Journal, and Moore is our technology editor. 

Our plan for the podcast is to start small and expand over time to include interviews and items from Cooking the Books and our Sharesies co-production Shared Lunch.

Please start your day with our deep dive into the world of business with BusinessDesk Today.

Women and Wealth broadcast event

Then at 7pm on Wednesday, we’re broadcasting a special panel event on our homepage. Again hosted by Frances Cook, Women and Wealth is produced in association with Milford and includes Liz Greive from Share My Super and Te Kahukura Boynton, from the Māori Millionaire blog. 

Research from the Financial Services Council in 2021 showed 60% of women rated their investing literacy as low, compared to 40% of men. Milford’s own research showed that women who begin investing, even a little, quickly gain confidence.

Topics covered will include:

  • Why do women lag men when it comes to taking control of their financial futures?
  • What needs to change for women to take control of their financial future right now?
  • Is there evidence that more gender diversity in professional investing has a positive impact on performance?

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