1. The vampire comedy movie What We Do in the Shadows was set in what city?
  2. What word can mean a session of Parliament or the act of posing for a portrait painting?
  3. How many US states have “New” in their name?
  4. What issue was at stake in the historic American judicial case of Brown vs Board of Education?
  5. In a political scandal that was recently dramatised for television, what was the surname of the man who led a campaign for justice from the British Post Office?
  6. The Rawene ferry carries vehicles on what harbour?
  7. Which German city has occupants who are known by the same name as a type of sausage?
  8. Which US president was famous for his tall top hat, now held by the Smithsonian Institution?
  9. McLean Park is a sports ground in what NZ city?
  10.  In which part of the world would you find the Turks and Caicos Islands: the West Indies, the Aegean Sea or the Indian Ocean?

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ANSWERS: 1. Wellington; 2. Sitting; 3. Four (New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico and New York); 4. Racial segregation in schools; 5. Bates; 6. The Hokianga harbour; 7. Frankfurt (Frankfurters); 8. Abraham Lincoln; 9. Napier; 10. The West Indies.