1. Name the decade in which Peter Jackson made his first films, the Holmes show was launched on TV and Māori became an official language in NZ.
  2. Lassi, a popular drink in India, is made from what?
  3. The British author Sir Terry Pratchett specialised in which literary genre: historical fiction, fantasy or crime?
  4. What state highway runs between Napier and Gisborne?
  5. What do the New York streets Madison Avenue, Garfield Place and Jefferson Avenue have in common?
  6. From what language do we get the words noodle, lager and muesli?
  7. What is the surname of mother-and-daughter actresses from Wellington who both have the title of Dame?
  8. What spirit is used to make the cocktail known as a mint julep?
  9. What first name is shared by a New Zealand winner of the Man Booker Prize for literature and a character in a Beatles song?
  10. What would you do in an ashram: meditate, eat or bathe?


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ANSWERS: 1. The 1980s; 2. Yoghurt; 3. Fantasy; 4. SH2; 5. They are named after US presidents; 6. German; 7. Harcourt (Kate and Miranda); 8. Bourbon; 9. Eleanor (Catton/Rigby); 10. Meditate.