1. Who wrote that brevity is the soul of wit: William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens or Oscar Wilde?
  2. Food, Glorious Food is a song from what 1960s musical?
  3. In the Bible, what queen brought gifts of gold, precious stones and spices to the Israelite King Solomon?
  4. What country has a unit of currency called the rupiah?
  5. Complete the title of a popular British comedy-drama series: Last Tango in …
  6. Which American state has the official abbreviation MI?
  7. What Beatles hit of 1967 recalled sights and characters from Paul McCartney’s childhood in Liverpool?
  8. In which Australian state would you find a city called Bunbury?
  9. What was the name of the tiny South Island railway station made famous by a Rita Angus painting?
  10. Which global church has a governing body called the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles?


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ANSWERS: 1. Shakespeare; 2. Oliver!; 3. The Queen of Sheba; 4. Indonesia; 5. Halifax; 6. Michigan; 7. Penny Lane; 8. Western Australia; 9. Cass; 10. The Mormon Church.