1. What New Zealander is reportedly married to British singer-songwriter Rita Ora?
  2. Lateral epicondylitis, a painful condition resulting from strained tendons in the elbow, is commonly referred to by what name?
  3. In digital finance, what do the initials NFT stand for?
  4. Complete the title of a ground-breaking 1962 book by the conservationist Rachel Carson: Silent …
  5. What sweet syrup is known in some countries as light treacle?
  6. Who’s ranked third in the Green party caucus: Eugenie Sage, Julie Ann Genter or Chloe Swarbrick?
  7. In the Bible, who were Isaiah, Jeremiah, Elijah and Micah?
  8. What do the American state capitals Madison (Wisconsin), Jackson (Mississippi), Lincoln (Nebraska) and Jefferson (Missouri) have in common?
  9. Which author became, in 2013, the second New Zealander to win the Booker Prize for literature?
  10. ... And who was the first, in 1985?


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ANSWERS: 1. Taika Waititi; 2. Tennis elbow; 3. Non-fungible token; 4. Spring; 5. Golden syrup; 6. Chloe Swarbrick; 7. Prophets; 8. They were named after presidents; 9. Eleanor Catton; 10. Keri Hulme.