1. Name the year in which Helen Clark became prime minister, the legal drinking age was lowered to 18 and Toyota’s “Bugger” TV commercial screened for the first time.
  2. In what sport is the King of the Mountain title awarded?
  3. What 2016 film directed by Taika Waititi became New Zealand’s highest-grossing movie of all time?
  4. The Siege of Acre took place during what wars?
  5. What was supposedly shown in a famous 1933 image that became known as “the surgeon’s photograph”?
  6. Where in Asia would you ride on the Peak Tram?
  7. What Hollywood tough-guy actor had an unlikely pop hit in 1970 with the song Wand’rin’ Star?
  8. What’s unusual about the basenji dog?
  9. Which year marked the start of the baby boomer generation: 1939, 1946 or 1950?
  10. Glioblastoma is a type of cancer that originates in what part of the body?


Please scroll down for the answers: 

ANSWERS: 1. 1999; 2. Cycling; 3. Hunt for the Wilderpeople; 4. The Crusades; 5. The Loch Ness monster; 6. Hong Kong; 7. Lee Marvin; 8. It’s described as the barkless dog; 9. 1946; 10. The brain.