1. Dame Cheryll Sotheran was the first chief executive of what national institution?
  2. On what day of the week is the Budget traditionally delivered?
  3. What American singer, songwriter and actress is known by a childhood nickname inspired by her favourite colour?
  4. On which Beatles hit of 1966 did no member of the band play an instrument?
  5. Cinco de Mayo is a festival that celebrates a 19th-century military victory by what country?
  6. The Sea of Okhotsk lies between which two countries?
  7. Where would you be most likely to find sedges growing: in wetlands, on mountain slopes or in forests?
  8. Orcadians are inhabitants of what islands?
  9. What controversial New Zealand politician wrote an autobiography entitled “My Way”?
  10. According to the Bible, where were the letters INRI displayed?

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ANSWERS: 1. Te Papa; 2. Thursday; 3. Pink; 4. Eleanor Rigby; 5. Mexico; 6. Russia and Japan; 7. In wetlands; 8. The Orkney Islands; 9. Robert Muldoon; 10. On the cross on which Christ was crucified.