1.    What Belgian city was the setting for a 2008 black comedy starring Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Fiennes?

2.    The Ngāti Porou East Coast Rugby Football Union is based in what town?

3.    In the ancient Greek play Lysistrata, how did the women of Athens and Sparta discourage their husbands from going to war?

4.    In what country would you travel on the Sturt Highway?

5.    Who lived first: Confucius, Jesus Christ or Aristotle?

6.    What mayor of Auckland founded a housing company that bears his name?

7.    The Strait of Magellan is located off the coast of what continent?

8.    The Burton brothers were New Zealand pioneers in what field?

9.    What Latin phrase translates as “nourishing mother” and is used to refer to someone’s former school or university?

10.  What country has a currency called the baht?

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ANSWERS: 1. Bruges; 2. Ruatoria; 3. They denied them sex; 4. Australia; 5. Confucius; 6. Keith Hay; 7. South America; 8. Photography; 9. Alma mater; 10. Thailand.