1. Complete the opening line from a classic rock and roll hit by Chuck Berry: “Long distance information, get me …”
  2. In which Chinese city did the covid-19 virus originate?
  3. By changing one letter, what word meaning sweet-scented can be altered to one meaning conspicuously offensive?
  4. Which Spanish city is home to the Guggenheim Museum?
  5. What is the term for the removal of wool around the tail and between the rear legs of a sheep?
  6. What word can precede time, stop and colour?
  7. Would you see the name JCDecaux on an advertising billboard, a comic strip or a perfume label?
  8. What official title is held by Justin Welby?
  9. On a map of Australia, what word follows Neutral, Botany and Moreton?
  10. What dystopian novel and TV drama series are set in the fictitious Republic of Gilead?


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Please scroll down for the answers: 

ANSWERS: 1. Memphis, Tennessee; 2. Wuhan; 3. Fragrant/flagrant; 4. Bilbao; 5. Crutching; 6. Full; 7. An advertising billboard; 8. Archbishop of Canterbury; 9. Bay; 10. The Handmaid’s Tale.