1. What was the first name of the main female character in the TV sitcom Bewitched?
  2. The Norfolk Broads consist of what: hills, moors or lakes and rivers?
  3. Who is ranked third on the National party’s list of cabinet ministers, after Christopher Luxon and Nicola Willis?
  4. The Learjet 23, the world’s first business jet, was launched in what decade?
  5. Which can be in full spate: an illness, a river or the moon?
  6. What famous actor of the silent screen didn’t make his first “talkie” movie until 1940?
  7. The Aqua, reputedly NZ’s most commonly stolen car, is made by what manufacturer?
  8. What 2007 animated film took its name from a French vegetable stew?
  9. According to the latest estimates, which country has the world’s biggest population?
  10. What Japanese electronics company absorbed the brands National, Sanyo and Technics?

Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. Samantha; 2. Lakes and rivers; 3. Chris Bishop; 4. The 1960s; 5. A river; 6. Charlie Chaplin; 7. Toyota; 8. Ratatouille; 9. India; 10. Panasonic.