1. What 1982 fantasy movie featured creatures called Gelflings and Skeksis?
  2. What inner suburb of London gave its name to a style of boot and a type of bun?
  3. Freddie Barkis, Betsey Trotwood and Clara Peggotty were characters in which Charles Dickens' novel?
  4. What city’s airport is located near a rural township called Momona?
  5. In which decade were Sigourney Weaver, Billy Joel and Meryl Streep born?
  6. Their first names were Richard and Oscar and they wrote musicals. What were their surnames?
  7. What dish has a Spanish name meaning “chili with meat”?
  8. In what card game are players designated as North, South, East and West?
  9. The British call them crisps. What is the New Zealand term?
  10. Amy Satterthwaite has represented NZ 256 times in what sport?

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ANSWERS: 1. The Dark Crystal; 2. Chelsea; 3. David Copperfield; 4. Dunedin’s; 5. The 1940s; 6. Rodgers and Hammerstein; 7. Chili con carne; 8. Contract bridge; 9. Chippies or potato chips; 10. Cricket.