1. What prominent New Zealander was Unilever’s chief executive in Canada from 2008 till 2011?
  2. What is the occupation of movie characters the Super Mario Brothers?
  3. What is the minimum age at which someone can obtain a full NZ driver’s licence?
  4. NZ scientists Ernest Rutherford, Maurice Wilkins and Alan MacDiarmid all achieved what honour?
  5. What global sportswear company was founded by Adolf Dassler?
  6. In a famous poem, what line follows “I think that I shall never see?”
  7. Who played the CIA analyst Jack Ryan in the movies 'Patriot Games’ and ‘Clear and Present Danger’?
  8. What does the first “A” in the acronym Nasa stand for?
  9. Giancarlo Italiano was recently appointed coach of what NZ sports team?
  10. What famous holiday destination is the largest island in Spain’s Balearic Islands?

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Please scroll down for the answers: 

ANSWERS: 1. Christopher Luxon; 2. Plumbers; 3. 18 (17½ if the driver has done an advanced driving course); 4. A Nobel Prize; 5. Adidas; 6. “A poem lovely as a tree”; 7. Harrison Ford; 8. Aeronautics; 9. The Wellington Phoenix; 10. Majorca.