1. What famous character in English literature had a long grey beard and glittering eye?
  2. The Australian National University is based in what city?
  3. What type of endangered creature is found only at a place called Mahoenui?
  4. What term do economists use for the loss of potential gain from a missed opportunity?
  5. Who or what is affectionately known by the nickname Acca-Dacca?
  6. In Internet jargon, the term “rizz” – meaning style or attractiveness – is derived from what word?
  7. Where in New Zealand is the Hump Ridge Track?
  8. What hot beverage was patented for the first time anywhere in the world by David Strang of Invercargill in 1890?
  9. What fictional character lived in the Hundred Acre Wood?
  10. In which city would you find Paternoster Row, Amen Corner and Ave Maria Lane, where monks once said their prayers?


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ANSWERS: 1. The Ancient Mariner; 2. Canberra; 3. A giant weta; 4. Opportunity cost; 5. The band AC/DC; 6. Charisma; 7. Southland; 8. Instant coffee; 9. Winnie-the-Pooh; 10. London.