1. What cocktail shares its name with an English queen who was fond of executions?
  2. What high-profile National MP held the Ilam electorate from 1996 to 2020?
  3. Complete the name of a famous American banker and financier: John Pierpont ...
  4. What famous tourist attraction is located on England’s Salisbury Plain?
  5. Which country has the world’s biggest cow population: Brazil, the United States or India?
  6. What is the English title of Verdi’s opera Giovanna d’Arco?
  7. What popular English cricket commentator was nicknamed “Blowers” and addressed people as “my dear old thing”?
  8. Americans call it a billfold. What is the New Zealand term?
  9. “Refuseniks” was a term given to people who were forbidden to emigrate to Israel from which country?
  10. What glossy American magazine is famous for its annual swimsuit issue?

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Please scroll down for the answers: 

ANSWERS: 1. The bloody Mary; 2. Gerry Brownlee; 3. Morgan; 4. Stonehenge; 5. India; 6. Joan of Arc; 7. Henry Blofeld; 8. Wallet; 9. The Soviet Union; 10. Sports Illustrated.