1. The films Michael Collins, The Magdalene Sisters and The Commitments were set in what country?
  2. America’s fabled Route 66 ran between which two cities?
  3. By adding one letter, what word meaning a mental condition marked by periods of excitement or over-activity can be changed to the name of a town in Taranaki?
  4. Sanskrit was an ancient language in what country?
  5. What was the brand name of the first digital watch: Timex, Pulsar or Casio?
  6. Which sporting code was established in 1895 as a result of a dispute over payments for players?
  7. Robusta is one of the two main species of coffee plant. What is the other?
  8. Jerk chicken is a dish associated with what country?
  9. In which country would you find the Catholic shrine of Fatima, where three children reported seeing a vision of the Virgin Mary?
  10. Seven of the world’s 10 busiest ports are in what country?

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ANSWERS: 1. Ireland; 2. Chicago and Los Angeles; 3. Mania/Manaia; 4. India; 5. Pulsar; 6. Rugby league; 7. Arabica; 8. Jamaica; 9. Portugal; 10. China.