1. What was unusual about the title character in the 2008 movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?
  2. When decimal currency was introduced, what coin was replaced by the 20-cent piece?
  3. Which North American lake is the odd one out: Superior, Ontario, Winnipeg or Michigan?
  4. Can We Fix It? is the theme song from what popular children’s TV show?
  5. What name is shared by a blue-flowered groundcover plant and a species of small edible shellfish?
  6. Which American band had a 1982 hit song named after a continent?
  7. The word “mesmerise” was inspired by an 18th-century German physician named Franz Mesmer – true or false?
  8. What is the colour of turmeric powder?
  9. What New Zealand experimental artist is commemorated by a New Plymouth gallery that was named after him?
  10. Who was Todd Muller’s deputy in the team that led the National party for two months in 2020?


Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. He aged in reverse; 2. The florin; 3. Winnipeg (the others are part of the Great Lakes); 4. Bob the Builder; 5. Periwinkle; 6. Toto (the song was Africa); 7. True; 8. Yellow; 9. Len Lye; 10. Nikki Kaye.