1. New Zealand nurse Ettie Rout became famous during the First World War for promoting awareness of what?
  2. “Enemy aliens” were interned during both world wars on an island in which NZ harbour?
  3. What was the nationality of the army officer John McCrae, who wrote the wartime poem ‘In Flanders Fields’?
  4. Wing Commander Guy Gibson was a key figure in what event during the Second World War?
  5. The Polish town of Oswiecim became better known by what German name?
  6. Which islands were the only part of the British Empire to be occupied by Nazi Germany in the Second World War?
  7. Who were known by the derogatory wartime term “conchies”?
  8. Which NZ war hero went on to serve as Governor-General from 1946 till 1952?
  9. What classic New Zealand song was written by a member of the Maori Battalion while on board a troopship?
  10. The 2008 movie ‘Valkyrie’, starring Tom Cruise, was an account of what event during the Second World War?

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ANSWERS: 1. Sexual diseases; 2. Wellington Harbour (the island was Matiu/Somes Island); 3. Canadian; 4. The Dambusters raid; 5. Auschwitz; 6. The Channel Islands; 7. Conscientious objectors; 8. Bernard Freyberg; 9. Blue Smoke; 10.  A plot to kill Adolf Hitler.