1. What was the occupation of the comic character Tintin?
  2. Name the year in which the Beehive was completed, Th’ Dudes were named top group in the New Zealand Music Awards and Air New Zealand Flight 901 crashed on Mt Erebus.
  3. What word can mean either a lucky accident or the barbed head of a harpoon?
  4. What classic song includes a line about troubles melting like lemon drops?
  5. What is the number of the biblical psalm that begins with the words, “The Lord is my shepherd”?
  6. What Far North coastal town has a famous fish and chip shop on its wharf?
  7. Who was New Zealand’s first Jewish prime minister?
  8. In the car trade, what do the initials PHEV stand for?
  9. What type of creature is the animated movie character Stuart Little: a chicken, a mouse or a chihuahua?
  10.  What was the first name of prime minister David Lange’s first wife?


Please scroll down for the answers:

ANSWERS: 1. Reporter; 2. 1979; 3. Fluke; 4. Over the Rainbow; 5. Psalm 23; 6. Mangonui; 7. Julius Vogel; 8. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle; 9. A mouse; 10. Naomi.