1. If you travelled the full length of Great Britain from the Scottish village of John O’Groats, what aptly named place in Cornwall would you end up at?
  2. Linseed oil is extracted from what plant?
  3. What actress from the Golden Age of Hollywood was named in the title of a 1981 hit song by Kim Carnes?
  4. An otolaryngologist specialises in which parts of the body?
  5. What international sportswear brand name starts with a lowercase letter?
  6. From what language do we get the words vigilante, patio and flotilla?
  7. What first name is shared by a singer with the surname Vedder, a comedian with the surname Izzard and a keyboard player with the surname Rayner?
  8. Would you eat, grow or play with a squishmallow?
  9. Which country has the world’s largest population of wild camels: Saudi Arabia, Sudan or Australia?
  10. Langkawi is an island in what country?


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Please scroll down for the answers: 

ANSWERS: 1. Land’s End; 2. Flax; 3. Bette Davis; 4. Ear, nose and throat; 5. adidas; 6. Spanish; 7. Eddie; 8. Play with it (it’s a toy); 9. Australia; 10. Malaysia.