1. A police chief named Martin Brody was a main character in what hit film of 1975?
  2. What product is associated with the Indian state of Assam?
  3. The Auckland band Southside of Bombay recorded a song that became a hit after it featured in what 1994 New Zealand film?
  4. In the initials MIQ, what does the I stand for?
  5. In Greek mythology, who was condemned to hold up the sky for eternity?
  6. Soap operas were so named because they were originally sponsored by soap companies – true or false?
  7. London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital treats what type of patient?
  8. Black rock and roll pioneer Richard Wayne Penniman, who died in 2020, was better known by what name?
  9. According to a famous advertising slogan, what airline made the going great?
  10.  Who improbably played Arnold Schwarzenegger’s brother in the 1988 movie Twins?


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ANSWERS: 1. Jaws; 2. Tea; 3. Once Were Warriors (the song was What’s the Time Mr Wolf); 4. Isolation; 5. Atlas; 6. True; 7. Children; 8. Little Richard; 9. Pan Am; 10. Danny DeVito.