1. What is meant by the French phrase “Attention, chien mechant”?
  2. Under the US constitution, what is the minimum age for a presidential candidate: 30, 35 or 40?
  3. Which veteran country musician plays a battered acoustic guitar called Trigger?
  4. By changing one letter, what word meaning pleasantly warm can be altered to one meaning crazy?
  5. Complete the title of a 1987 movie starring Steve Martin: Planes, Trains and …
  6. What famous author had a pen name inspired by a traditional cry of Mississippi riverboat pilots?
  7. Typhoid fever affects which part of the body: the intestine, the lungs or the brain?
  8. What American band recorded a best-selling 1978 album called Parallel Lines?
  9. In which New Zealand harbour would you find Herald Island: Waitemata, Kaipara or Otago?
  10. What is Wormwood Scrubs?

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ANSWERS: 1. Beware of the dog; 2. 35; 3. Willie Nelson; 4. Balmy/barmy; 5. Automobiles; 6. Mark Twain; 7. The intestine; 8. Blondie; 9. Waitemata; 10. A prison.