1. Pop star Johnny Hallyday, who died in 2017, was described as what country’s answer to Elvis Presley?
  2. In British sport, what do the letters QPR stand for?
  3. Who hosted a confrontational American TV show that readers of ‘TV Guide’ magazine voted the worst in history?
  4. “My, my, how can I resist you?” is a line from what hit song?
  5. What first name is shared by a TV host with the surname Bowden, an actor with the surname West and a politician with the surname Raab?
  6. Off-site betting was legalised in 1981 for what form of racing?
  7. What type of attraction would you find in the townships of Matakohe, Tawhiti and Mokau?
  8. In Australian politics, what position is held by Peter Dutton?
  9. Con the Fruiterer, a popular fictional Australian TV character of the 1980s, was an immigrant from what country?
  10. The American island of Nantucket was associated with what 19th-century industry?

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ANSWERS: 1. France’s; 2. Queens Park Rangers; 3. Jerry Springer; 4. Mamma Mia; 5. Dominic; 6. Greyhound racing; 7. Museums; 8. Leader of the federal Opposition; 9. Greece; 10. Whaling.