1. American actor Tobey Maguire is best known for playing what superhero?
  2. What long-running TV crime series was originally set in Las Vegas but led to spinoffs set in Miami and New York?
  3. Saunas originated in what country?
  4. In British music-hall comedy, the phrase “How’s your father?” was a euphemism for what?
  5. The Forgotten World Highway is a tourist route that runs between Stratford and what central North Island town?
  6. Mastitis is a common medical condition that affects which part of the body?
  7. Which ethnic group settled in the Moutere area of Nelson in the 1840s: Poles, Swiss or Germans?
  8. TV presenter Jenny-May Clarkson (née Coffin) represented New Zealand in what sport?
  9. In New Zealand politics, who is Brooke van Velden?
  10. Despite their early hit songs about surfing, no member of the Beach Boys actually surfed – true or false?


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ANSWERS: 1. Spider-Man; 2. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; 3. Finland; 4. Sex; 5. Taumarunui; 6. The female breast; 7. Germans; 8. Netball; 9. Deputy leader of ACT; 10. False.