1. What town has New Zealand’s youngest-ever mayor?
  2. Who would use a thurible, a monstrance and a ciborium: a surgeon, a priest or a wizard?
  3. What British horse race has been broadcast on the radio every year since 1927 and is watched by a global TV audience of more than 500 million?
  4. The rhythm method is a method of what?
  5. The American jazz musician Locksley “Slide” Hampton acquired his nickname because he played what instrument?
  6. The global supermarket chain Aldi is based in what country?
  7. Which famous North African city has a Spanish name meaning “white house”?
  8. Who created the fictional character Lucy Van Pelt?
  9. What classic children’s story revolves around an orphan girl growing up on Canada’s Prince Edward Island?
  10. What word can precede conference, gallery and release?


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Please scroll down for the answers:

 1. Gore; 2. A priest; 3. The Grand National; 4. Birth control; 5. Trombone; 6. Germany; 7. Casablanca; 8. Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz; 9. Anne of Green Gables; 10. Press.