1. How did a Ukrainian-born American clothing manufacturer named Abraham Zapruder become famous in 1963?
  2. Football clubs Rangers and Celtic are fierce rivals in what British city?
  3. What now-extinct New Zealand bird was last seen in the Tararua Range in 1907?
  4. What singer wrote the autobiography Rhinestone Cowboy?
  5. Who would you expect to be familiar with trochaic tetrameter and dactylic hexameter: a mathematician, a poet or an architect?
  6. Was the biblical character Gabriel a prophet, an angel or a disciple of Jesus?
  7. Which novelist won the fiction prize in the 2024 Ockham Book Awards: Eleanor Catton, Catherine Chidgey or Emily Perkins?
  8. How many universities are there in New Zealand?
  9. What Los Angeles-based weekly paper, first published in 1905, specialises in entertainment news?
  10. Who is the current Speaker of the NZ House of Representatives?


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ANSWERS: 1. He filmed the Kennedy assassination on a home movie camera; 2. Glasgow; 3. The huia; 4. Glen Campbell; 5. A poet; 6. An angel; 7. Emily Perkins; 8. Eight (Auckland, AUT, Waikato, Massey, Victoria, Canterbury, Lincoln and Otago); 9. Variety; 10. Gerry Brownlee.