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Smartshares Emerging Markets Equities ESG ETF

Invests in the iShares MSCI EM IMI ESG Screened UCITS ETF USD (Acc), which is designed to track the return on the MSCI EM IMI ESG Screened Index.

Title Date Type
EMG NTA 19-05-2022 $2.14859 Fri, May 20 2022 11:11 am MKTUPDTE
EMG NTA 18-05-2022 $2.17119 Thu, May 19 2022 10:32 am MKTUPDTE
EMG NTA 17-05-2022 $2.14041 Wed, May 18 2022 10:23 am MKTUPDTE
EMG NTA 16-05-2022 $2.16093 Tue, May 17 2022 09:58 am MKTUPDTE
EMG NTA 13-05-2022 $2.11760 Mon, May 16 2022 10:18 am MKTUPDTE
EMG NTA 12-05-2022 $2.12607 Fri, May 13 2022 09:50 am MKTUPDTE
EMG Fund Update - 31 March 2022 Fri, May 13 2022 08:30 am FNDUPDTE
EMG NTA 11-05-2022 $2.11535 Thu, May 12 2022 10:05 am MKTUPDTE
EMG NTA 10-05-2022 $2.10458 Wed, May 11 2022 10:21 am MKTUPDTE
EMG NTA 09-05-2022 $2.13504 Tue, May 10 2022 09:26 am MKTUPDTE
Directors and Executives
Guy Elliffe
Independent Director
Graham Law
John McLean
Company Secretary
Mark Peterson
John Williams
Independent Director
Company Details
Registered Office: Level 1, NZX Centre, , 11 Cable Street, , Wellington
Postal Address: PO Box 2959 Wellington 6140
Telephone: 0800-80-87-80
Facsimile: n/a
First Listed: 06/06/2019
Balance Date: 31 March
Major Holdings Announcements
No major holdings
Director’s Interests Announcements
no directors' interests listed
Analysts’ Forecasts
No forecasts available
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Last Updated: 22/04/2022
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