Capital Group Global High Income Opportunities Hedged (AU)

Investment Objective

The Fund aims to achieve, over the long term, a high level of total return, of which a large component is current income. Its portfolio invests in emerging market government bonds and corporate high yield bonds from around the world. Its portfolio also aims to manage a carbon footprint for its investments in corporate issuers that is generally at least 30% lower than the 50% Bloomberg US Corp HY 2% Issuer Capped Total Return, 20% JPM EMBI Global Total Return, 20% JPM GBI-EM Global Diversified Total Return, 10% JPM CEMBI Broad Diversified Total Return indexes, and evaluates and applies ESG and norms-based screening to implement a negative screening policy relating to investments in corporate and sovereign issuers. Portfolio: Investment in Capital Group Global High Income Opportunities (LUX)

*All returns are per annum, after fees and before taxes. Data updated at 1:05am 27 February 2024 (NZT)
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