Affordable car manufacturer GWM Haval is making a statement in New Zealand with its most innovative SUV yet – the all-new Haval H6. The luxury vehicle is the first model born from the company’s significant R&D investment of more than US$2.9 billion.

As with all its products, superior design and unbeatable quality are the paramount goals of GMW Haval’s world-class engineers and designers. The result is a vehicle that challenges traditional automotive thinking and redefines the definition of affordable luxury.

The H6, from $32,990 RRP inc GST + ORC, sits on GWM Haval’s new lightweight modular platform. With a four-cylinder turbo-engine that offers a smooth ride across the entire line-up, this SUV is more refined and more efficient than previous models. 

For those looking for a reliable, affordable and versatile SUV, it’s an ideal choice. The design makes it the perfect vehicle for a variety of terrains, with good acceleration from the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. 

Haval’s global designers bring to life a mature and sophisticated design that fuses simple but exquisite curves and lines to deliver refined elegance. As a result, the Haval H6 is truly a masterpiece of modern engineering and advanced driving technology. 

It meets affordability with a luxurious exterior. Every line, detail and feature embodies its “Futuristic Simplicity” design philosophy. More than just a sophisticated SUV, it’s a statement from every angle, including the interior. 

The H6 comes packed with higher levels of technology than any other Haval SUV to date, including wireless phone charging and a 360-degree camera to help navigate tough spots with ease. It is also self-parking, which is made possible by a Mobile Eye Q4 autonomous driving chip. 

This uses 14 radars and five cameras to provide a Level 2+ autonomous driving experience. The technology is helping build trust in autonomous driving with all-scenario automatic parking, auto emergency braking and traffic sign recognition across New Zealand. 

The Haval H6 features a stylish, high-tech interior. Photo: Supplied.


For peace of mind, the H6 also includes world-class safety measures such as collision warning and blind-spot detection for extra protection. The steering system also features multi-steering modes with turning brake keeping, emergency lane keeping and lane-keeping assist. 

The H6 is also the only SUV in its class with an integrated ring-door design with thermoformed steel of the highest strength that provides complete protection. In addition to its safety, technology and design, it also offers premium driver comfort. 

The comprehensive comfort features include an ergonomic cockpit and acoustic packages to minimise noise. Together, the Haval H6 is a combination of elite engineering, premium safety features and next-generation technology. 

As a result, it’s one of the best-value options for both a comfortable and luxurious ride. GWM Haval’s great value and the all-new H6’s stunning looks are enough to turn heads. But add the excellent warranty (five years) and advanced safety tech and you have an affordable SUV that’s right up there with other popular brands. 

For more information on the Haval H6, including the Premium, Lux, and Ultra, visit GWM Haval online or book a test drive.

H6 Premium from $32,990 SRRP INC GST + ORC
H6 LUX from $35,990 SRRP INC GST + ORC
H6 Ultra from $38,990 SRRP INC GST + ORC